Two robbed in car parks at two popular Malls


    Persons are being warned by police to be wary of their surroundings following two separate robberies on Thursday.

    In the first incident, a 52 year old economist was robbed at gunpoint of his Toyota Hilux while at a popular Mall in Westmoorings.

    According to the Trinidad Express, the incident occurred around 6:30pm when the man and his duaghter were walking to their vehicle when they were acosted by two men.

    The men were reportedly parked next to the Hilux.

    The vehicle was later found by police along Quarry St in Port of Spain – it was already in the process of being disassembled for parts.

    In another incident, a security manager was leaving an establishment at a popular mall in East Trinidad around 10:45am when he was acosted by a man.

    The victim told police he was about to enter his vehicle on the northern side of the Mall when the incident occurred.

    The victim was hit several times about the body before the suspect fled the scene with almost $9000.

    Investigations are continuing.