Two RHAs release walk-in vaccination schedule

    (Stock Image: torstensimon from Pixabay)

    Two regional health authorities have released the official schedule for the walk-ins for persons 60 and over based on surnames.

    Both the NWRHA and NCRHA note that the walk-ins will be done on weekdays only from today until next Wednesday.

    The schedule is as follows:

    • Thursday 10th June will service surnames starting with A to E
    • Friday 11th June will service F to J
    • Monday 14th June will service K to O
    • Tuesday 15th June will service P to T
    • Wednesday 16th June will service U to Z

    The walk-ins are taking persons 60 and over only.

    Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh did note yesterday that officials will monitor today’s roll out also keeping an eye on common surnames.