Two men arrested over false imprisonment, assault with intent to rob


    Two Rio Claro men are expected in court today after being charged with false imprisonment and assault with intent to rob.

    The duo was arrested on September 17th, 2022, after investigations into an alleged incident the day before.

    According to police report, around 2:30pm on September 16th, 2022, a 21-year-old Indian Walk man visited a house at Old Mayaro Road in Libertville.

    There he met four men and they left to hunt behind the house.

    However, five minutes into the bushes, it is alleged that one of the men pulled the victim to the ground while another tied his hands and feet and struck him about the body.

    Police say the men then deserted the man who was able free himself and make a report to police.

    The two suspects were arrested, and investigations are ongoing for other suspects in the case.