Turtle rescued near Maracas Bay bathroom area


    A trapped turtle was rescued and returned to sea, after laying eggs at Maracas Bay early this morning.

    The 2,500-pound turtle was disoriented after laying the eggs and made her way to the bathroom area in error.

    Security personnel cordoned off the area, while several professionals arrived to treat minor cuts and bruises, and escort her back to the water.

    Those assisting include members of the Maracas Bay Facilities Team, Animal Care Specialists from personnel from the Emperor Valley Zoo and The Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association.

    Members of UDeCOTT’s Maracas Bay Facilities Team expressed gleeful sentiments, that never had they thought, they would become indirect caregivers of turtles and hatchlings over the years, given the numbers of turtles which nest at the beach with the resultant hatchlings, racing to meet waters’ edge at Maracas. They had a few such encounters during the Pandemic Lockdown. Facility Manager, Shivanand Ramoutar said he counts these experiences as real blessings, “it’s a joy,” he said.