TTPS seeks interview with Christopher Wylie on Cambridge Analytica matter

    (Photo Credit: Bloomberg)

    The TTPS wants to interview former Cambridge Analytica employee Christopher Wylie, as it moves to investigate claims made regarding the illegal monitoring of citizens’ data in T&T.

    Mr Wylie detailed the company’s work in a recently released book, which was quoted by National Security Minister Stuart Young at a media conference yesterday.

    Mr Young said he would request a criminal investigation and embark on international recourse as a result.

    In a release issued today, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said at this time, the only person of interest is Mr Wiley, as he is the only one who has made comments alluding to possible criminal misconduct.

    The TTPS wants to meet with him to determine if a crime took place, if he is an accessory to that crime, and if others could be culpable.

    The Commissioner has also recused himself and instead tasked representatives led by Ag. DCP Forde to meet with Mr Wiley.

    He says:

    1. Efforts would be made today to contact Mr. Wiley and seek his agreement to be interviewed this weekend.

    2. If Mr Wiley refuses to cooperate with the TTPS, the claims then cannot be substantiated and then it would lack merit and the matter would be closed.

    3. If he is willing to, the Officers would travel to the United Kingdom this weekend to conduct the extensive interview.

    4. It is only then that the TTPS would be able to ascertain if what Mr Wiley has stated and whatever material he can produce, would warrant an investigation to be launched in relation to possible criminal activity.

    The Top Cop also assured that unlike the ‘email-gate’ investigation, which was prolonged for several years, these accusations would be swiftly addressed.


    This move meanwhile was announced on the very day Mr Young officially wrote to Mr Griffith requesting an investigation into Mr Wylie’s claims.

    In the letter, Mr Young wrote:

    “The allegations made by Mr Wylie with respect to what he says was done by the United National Congress (UNC) is very disturbing and if true, is likely to be in breach of, inter alia, the Interception of Communications Act, Ch. 15:08 of the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago… I hereby respectfully request that you consider investigating the serious allegations made by Mr Wylie. Mr Wylie has made similar allegations previously in public parliamentary hearings in the UK and USA.”