TTPS ready to respond to any gang-related criminal activity


    TTPS has put certain measures in place should any attempts be made to escalate gang-related criminal activity.

    The move follows numerous WhatsApp messages that have been circulating, purporting such activities, and causing fear and panic among the population.

    Last night, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith met with several well-known persons of interest, and advised them that the police will respond quickly if there are any attempts to escalate gang-related criminal activity in the country.

    Several persons of interest were brought into the Besson Street and St. Joseph Police Stations. Commissioner Griffith visited both police stations, where he issued a stern warning to persons of interest that were being held there, making it clear to them that the “TTPS will not tolerate any plans among groups to cause any mayhem and destruction.”

    Regarding the information being spread through social media, the Commissioner is advising the public to be ware of misinformation, adding that there is no intelligence to verify these alleged threats.