TTPS issues warning against overcrowding in vehicles


    The Police Service is warning drivers against overcrowding their vehicles, after a serious accident over the weekend involving a car with nine victims – six children and three adults.

    All reportedly suffered serious injuries, including brain trauma, spinal and abdominal trauma and multiple fractures.

    The victims were taken to hospital for treatment and officers of the Couva Police Station are continuing investigations.

    The TTPS reminds that carrying more persons than the vehicle was designed to is against the law, and carries a fine of TT$1,000 and three demerit points.

    It is also an extremely dangerous practice, since it can compromise the safe operations of a motor vehicle by negatively affecting its steering, suspension and braking capabilities due to excessive weight.

    So far for 2020, 65 persons have lost their lives in road traffic crashes compared to 90 for the same period last year.