TTPS explains process to approve music trucks following Carenage incidents


    The Police Commissioner is again defending the TTPS after shutting down two music trucks during election campaigning on the weekend.

    At a media briefing this afternoon, he stated that he was criticized by supporters of both parties following the incidents in Carenage.

    He said the procedures to be followed were not in place by either party.

    Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayson Forde says the following documents must be compiled:
    • Driver’s Permit of the truck driver and, if the owner of the truck is not at the wheel, a letter saying who the driver is
    • A copy of the certificate of insurance
    • An inspection certificate from the last inspection
    • A permit from Licensing Department giving permission to carry excess persons and to play music or noisy instruments
    • A special certificate of insurance covering alterations made to carry excess load
    • A noise variation permit from the EMA
    • A COTT permit

    The documents must be taken to the office of the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Specialized Support, at Garden Road, Aranguez.

    At that point in time a permit will be issued to have the truck on the road on the days in question.