TTPS dismisses Whatsapp voicenote about gang shootout


    False News – that is what the TTPS has to say about a Whatsapp voicenote urging persons to avoid Port of Spain because of a gang related shootout.

    In a release, the TTPS says:

    • Contrary to information contained in a WhatsApp voice- note circulating on social media, there have been no reports of gang related shootings in the Piccadilly Street, Port of Spain district or along the Beetham Highway.
    • No public advisories warning persons to stay away from these areas have been issued by either the Ministry of National Security or the TTPS.
    • There is no need for persons currently in Port of Spain or entering the capital city to be fearful, as officers and all relevant law enforcement agencies continue to maintain a strong presence and conduct coordinated exercises, to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.

    It is urging persons to be cautious of false information sent via social media, since this can cause unnecessary panic and anxiety.