T&TEC working to restore power to affected areas


    T&TEC says restoration efforts are continuing after power was knocked out in areas across the country last night in the midst of adverse weather.

    The company says heavy winds and rain contributed to landslides, fallen trees and poles, and burst overhead lines, which have impacted its ability to respond to reports.

    It adds however that all crews have been called out.

    Large-area outages currently exist on the North Coast, from Maracas to Blanchisseuse, Rampanalgas and Mathura.

    However, supply has been restored in several areas, including Manzanilla, some parts of Sangre Grande and environs, Santa Cruz, Malabar, Crown Point, Hope, parts of Mason Hall, Caparo Valley, Haleland Park and Barataria.

    Work is also continuing in various parts of Trinidad, as well as Tobago.

    T&TEC says due to the number of reports, it is unable to provide estimated restoration times for each area, but expects to complete all work before the end of the day.

    Below is a list of areas being worked on as at 10am. T&TEC says locations can be added and removed from this list at any time as work progresses or new reports are received.