T&T Spirit go on dry-dock for maintenence


    The T&T Spirit inter-island ferry will be taken out of service for maintenance from Thursday August 1st.

    The T&T Inter-island Transportation Company says the Jean de la Valette and Galleons Passage will continue to service the Tobago route.

    It did not state how long the dry-docking exercise will last.

    In the mean time, the inter-island schedule is as follows:

    Jean De La Valette

                                                From Scarborough                       From Port of Spain

    Monday to Saturday               6.30 am                                           4.00 pm

    Sunday                                  9.30 am                                           3.00 pm

    Wednesday                           No Sailing                                      No Sailing


    Galleons Passage (passengers only)

                                                       From Port of Spain                       From Scarborough 

    Monday, Wednesday,

    Friday  & Sunday                            9.00 am                                            4.00 pm

    *Thursday 01 August                  9.00 am                                            2.30 pm