T&T lab involved in new COVID test study


    T&T is among seven countries giving a two-step COVID-19 test a trial run.

    It follows a team of scientists at the University of Vermont in partnership with a group at the University of Washington who developed a method of testing that doesn’t make use of chemicals needed for the standard PCR test.

    According to a report on the University of Vermont’s website, it still delivers an accurate result, paving the way for inexpensive, widely available testing in areas where chemical reagent supplies are in short supply.

    The preliminary test results, published in March caught the eye of the scientific community, leading to a programme developed under the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute, a NGO.

    The goal is to increase global testing capacity for COVID-19, with the two-step test serving as the centrepiece.

    10 labs in seven countries, including T&T, responded and each lab will use the test on a series of positive and negative samples sent to them by the University of Washington to see if they can replicate the results the university achieved.

    The report says the study has already shown promising results. One of the labs in Chile has also used the test on its own samples from the community and got accurate results.

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