T&T Chamber recommends lockdown extension


    The T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce is recommending an the extension of the current lockdown and/or the implementation of a curfew.

    The Chamber says it held an emergency Board meeting based on the escalation in cases and pressure on the health care system.

    It also received a number of calls and based on the feedback, it says the factors contributing to the exponential increase in numbers appear to be due, in part, to points of contact where many people are asymptomatic, a lack of adherence to protocols and an increased rate of spread perhaps due to new variant.

    It says members were polled for their input and 85% of those surveyed agreed an extension to the lockdown is needed.

    90% meanwhile believe a limited curfew should be implemented, from 9PM – 5AM on weekdays, and 5pm – 5am on weekends to reduce casual movement of individuals.

    Its full list of recommendations are as follows: