TT Chamber calls for robust enforcement of regulations, border management to control COVID-19


    The T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce is concerned whether increased restrictions alone will curb the spread of COVID-19 in T&T.

    In a release, it says it listened closely to the Prime Minister’s media conference yesterday and looks forward to the robust enforcement referred to, as well as the management of the country’s borders.

    It also says while it understands the concern about the movement of people, it believes that take away and delivery services make sense, and that operations do not have to be closed entirely.

    It also called for several matters to be addressed urgently:

    • Increased testing and contact tracing based on the current positivity rate of 35% from
      the limited testing, especially in the high-risk communities where the spread of the virus
      has escalated. We need to specifically monitor the spread of the Brazilian variant.
    • We must continue to aggressively pursue the procurement of vaccines. We must halt
      the spread at all costs. In the final analysis, the cost of continued lockdowns to the
      economy will be significantly more than whatever we have to pay for vaccines. These
      efforts must also be accompanied by an educational campaign to address vaccine
    • While there has been mention of some social support, the T&T Chamber calls on the
      Government to provide financial support for the business sectors that have been
      impacted. Based on Government’s limited ability to provide support, would it not be
      better to allow the established businesses which have a track record of operating safely
      to operate with reduced capacities so they can sustain operations even at a lower level?