Tropical Depressions likely to form in the Atlantic

    (Image via National Hurricane Center)

    Two tropical depressions are likely to form in the next few days in the Atlantic.

    Another is also likely to develop from the remnants of Peter, near Bermuda.

    2 – The National Hurricane Centre says disorganized showers and thunderstorms are associated with a broad area of low pressure located several hundred miles southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands.

    Environmental conditions are forecast to be conducive for further development of this disturbance, with a tropical depression likely to form in a few days.

    • Formation chance through 48 hours…medium…40%
    • Formation chance through 5 days…high…80%

    3 – A tropical wave is moving offshore the west coast of Africa and into the far eastern tropical Atlantic.

    The NHC says upper-level winds are forecast to be conducive for gradual development, and a tropical depression is likely to form in a few days.

    • Formation chance through 48 hours…medium…40%
    • Formation chance through 5 days…high…80%

    1 – An elongated area of low pressure associated with the remnants of Peter is located a few hundred miles east-southeast of Bermuda.

    The NHC says showers and thunderstorms associated with this system have changed little in organization since yesterday.

    It adds however that environmental conditions are marginally conducive for some further development, and Peter could briefly become a tropical depression again during the next day or two while it moves northeastward near 10mph.

    By midweek, environmental conditions are expected to become unfavorable for further development.

    • Formation chance through 48 hours…medium…50%
    • Formation chance through 5 days…medium…50%


    Sam is now a Category 3 hurricane, and while fluctuations in intensity are possible during the next days, it is forecast to remain a major hurricane through at least Thursday night.

    There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect at this time.

    However, the NHC says swells generated by Sam will reach the Lesser Antilles today and impact these islands for the next several days.

    Swells are also expected to reach Bermuda and the Bahamas mid-to-late week, and then spread to the United States east coast late this week.

    On the forecast track, Sam will pass well to the northeast of the northern Leeward Islands Wednesday and Thursday.

    Maximum sustained winds are near 205 km/h.

    Hurricane Sam poses no direct threat to T&T.

    See the path of Hurricane Sam as outlined by the NHC:

    (Image via National Hurricane Center)