TRHA: no walk-in vaccinations in Tobago

    (Covid-Vaccine - Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels)

    COVID-19 vaccinations in Tobago are being done via appointments only.

    In a notice shared by the Division of Health last night, the Tobago Regional Health Authority clarifies that there are no walk-in vaccination stations on the island at this time.

    As such, it says persons should not go to Health Centres for A COVID-19 vaccine without an appointment.

    It says second doses of Astra Zeneca and first doses of Sinopharm are being administered at the Scarborough, Canaan and Roxborough Health Centres.

    The focus continues to be priority groups including older persons, those with NCDs, health workers, those in the protective services, caregivers, teachers and other essential workers.

    It adds that shots for other priority groups, such as those in the construction and tourism sectors, will be coordinated through the various associations.