Trade, Agriculture Ministries meet SATT to discuss food prices


    Rising food prices were discussed today during a meeting involving the Trade Minister, the Agriculture Minister and the Supermarket Association.

    The cost of food items has been at the forefront lately, especially with increases in local flour prices and subsequent accusations of price-gouging by some establishments.

    According to the Trade Ministry, SATT undertook to collaborate with the Consumer Affairs Division to enhance the monitoring and reporting of food prices.

    There were also discussions on ensuring greater food security, “through accelerating the local production of food, enhancing the direct supply linkages between producers and businesses, transforming the local taste of the population by promoting local alternatives, protecting the nutritional health of the population, and combating food fraud by ensuring labelling standards are enforced on all imported food items.”

    Minister Kazim Hosein also took the opportunity to promote the T&T Agri-Investment Forum and Expo 2022, carded for August 19th to 21st.