TPRC keeping an eye on Caroni River levels

    File photo of Caroni River.

    The Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation is monitoring levels at the Caroni River and its tributaries, in the wake of the MET Service’s Red Level Riverine Flood Alert.

    An Orange Level Adverse Weather Alert remains in effect until 8pm tomorrow, and there are concerns that rainfall may cause swollen rivers to burst their banks and inundate homes.

    103FM News spoke with TPRC Chairman Paul Leacock, who says their biggest concern right now is runoff.

    Much of the flooding in the TPRC district has reportedly receded, with assessments now underway.

    Of concern however is the area in the vicinity of the Grand Bazaar Interchange, which was flooded up until this evening.

    Meanwhile in the Penal/Debe region, Corporation Chairman Allen Sammy says while floods were reported in some areas, only one home was inundated.

    He believes vigilance by residents, as well as the PDRC’s distribution of sandbags helped the situation.

    Mr Sammy also reported a landslide at Ramai Trace and a fallen tree a Crawford Branch Trace.

    In the Diego Martin area, cleanup exercises are already underway.

    103FM News spoke with DMRC Vice-Chair Catherine Mendez.

    The DMRC is also keeping an eye on the Diego Martin River, however Ms Mendez believes recent work by the Works Ministry will help matters.