Tourism Ministry on restart of water based tours

    (Image via Trip Advisor)

    The Tourism Ministry has welcomed the restart of water based tours at the Caroni Bird Sanctuary and Buccoo Reef, in accordance with the Public Health Ordinance published on January 16th 2022.

    These tours can now operate at 50% capacity between 5am and 2pm, with visitors to Buccoo Reef allowed to enter the water to swim.

    The Ministry reminds operators that while visitors are on board their vessels, they must adhere to health protocols, including mask wearing.

    Tourism Minister, Randall Mitchell, says he met with the Chief Medical Officer on December 1st 2021, to discuss matters related to the safe restart of tour boats.

    Subsequent to this, he says a proposal was submitted to the Health Ministry on the readiness of this part of the sector to resume operations.

    Mr., Mitchell says at that time, all operators and staff were already trained by Tourism Trinidad Limited in the COVID-19 Protocols for the sector and were able to show how they had implemented measures to ensure the safety of their operations.

    He adds that tourism operators and staff were part of the Ministry’s Priority Vaccination Programme in July and August.

    Minister Mitchell also said, “We continue work closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure that the sector can operate safely by advocating on behalf of businesses similar to those who operate tour boats. The sector is set for recovery with more flights, more hotel rooms to be made available and general movement back to the types of activities that make for an exciting visitor experience.”