Tourism Minister to review national performance spaces’ operations after “Sekon Sunday” concerns

    Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell (Photo credit: Randall Mitchell on Facebook)

    Following concerns over the hosting of an event at Queen’s Hall on Sunday, the Tourism Minister is seeking to revise the operations of national performance spaces in line with COVID regulations.

    Earlier, today Police Commissioner Gary Griffith indicated that a probe will begin into the event which he described as a “public party” and in breach of regulations.

    In response, Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell says the Ministry is committed to the regulations and notes that several measures were in place for the event called “Sekon Sunday.”

    These include 30% capacity, physical distancing, providing details to help contact tracing, temperature check and symptom screening, sanitisation of hands and wearing of masks.

    However, Minister Mitchell is concerned about what was seen in videos and will meet the management of national performance spaces.

    They will revise the operations of these venues “in line with the letter, spirit and intent of the COVID-19 regulations and protocols.”

    Also responding to the incident, soca artiste and host of the event Sekon Sta is welcoming an investigation.

    In a social media post, he says there are questions that the public want answered.

    He has also indicated his willingness to cooperate in any way.