Top Cop urges street vendors to adhere to Public Health Regulations


    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is warning that street food spots could be shut down if the Public Health Regulations are not adhered to.

    In a release, the Top Cop notes an upsurge in street food vending and with it the convergence of crowds at such places.

    He warns that such non-adherence to the regulations will result in the shutdown of these street food vendors, as it is their responsibility to ensure that all customers conform to the regulations.

    These include social distancing, not gathering in groups exceeding five in number, wearing their face masks and most importantly providing proper sanitization stations for their customers.

    He adds that if they are unable to control those waiting to acquire their products, the TTPS would be forced to close them for that day.

    Commissioner Griffith adds that while he understands that citizens must earn an honest living, it must not come at the expense of the public at large.

    He says the same protocols will apply to the public markets where Police Patrols will be monitoring the adherence to all Public Health Regulations to ensure compliance.