Top Cop to visit beaches, bars to enforce public health regulations

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says he will visit beaches and bars to make sure persons are adhering to the latest Public Health Ordinance Regulations.

    The Top Cop will be back in office on Thursday after two weeks of quarantine.

    Once back, he has vowed to visit high visibility areas where he says people continue to gather in very large numbers.

    He drew reference to the past weekend where scores of persons visited Maracas Beach, with many failing to wear a mask while on shore.

    He also pointed to reports of large groups congregating outside bars, particularly in St James, Woodbrook, and Carenage.

    The CoP believes citizens have become relaxed with the reduced Covid-19 positive cases.

    He insists that his intention is not to pursue persons and fine them, but to ensure they remain responsible at this time:

    “It is not that I am going after people and giving them tickets where the fine is
    $1,000. But they must be responsible at this time as two of the measures to prevent
    the spread of the virus are to wear your mask and maintain social distancing. That
    was not the case last weekend.”

    Within the past two months, 1,573 tickets were issued and 78 persons arrested for beaching the Public Health Ordinance Regulations.

    Of these, 1,058 tickets were issued in Eastern Division and 37 persons arrested.

    The CoP hopes that other Divisions would be as consistent with the law enforcement of the regulations.

    He also appealed to citizens help by reporting breaches by calling 482-GARY or call 999.