Top Cop on the postponement of the Commissioner’s Cup

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith claims the Health Minister said he was “busy” when asked to meet and discuss public health measures for COVID-19.

    This allegation comes as Mr Griffith revealed today that the Commissioner’s Cup has been postponed due to the Ministry’s stance on the 25 person rule for public gatherings.

    In a release, the Top Cop pointed out that the Minister himself recently recommended ways for more than 25 persons to comply with the law while doing political walkabouts for the election season.

    He adds that the same level of flexibility seems to be lacking for the TTPS tournament.

    Mr Griffith says this sort of inconsistency is what he has been seeking to discuss for weeks now with the Minister, but to no avail.

    He adds that since there are no firm parameters, varying interpretations of the law by police officers lead to some people being ‘shut down’ while others are being allowed to continue.

    Regarding the Commissioner’s Cup, Mr Griffith says he received correspondence from the Ministry today that tournament can proceed, but only with a total of 25 persons per game.

    He points out that each team has 11 players and a coach, plus there are also substitutes, referees, linesmen, and support staff, all of which add up to more than 25 persons.

    In fact, the Top Cop says the only way to keep the strict 25 number, is to only allow the two teams of 11 along with the referee and two linesmen.