Top Cop on 12 year old charged for death threats – “most unfortunate circumstance”.


    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says the charging of the 12 year old boy is a “most unfortunate circumstance”.

    The boy was charged with misuse of a telephone after reportedly calling in a threat to the Top Cop on Sunday.

    In a release he says while he appreciates the value of enforcing the law, he also views this as an opportunity to seek options for rehabilitation.

    Mr Griffith says while he will work within the court’s ruling, he will also liaise with the Children’s Authority and units within the Police Service to identify avenues to address this boy’s welfare.

    He also pointed to the upcoming launch of the STREET TALK mentorship campaign, which he says has been developed to address delinquency, gang involvement and youth development.

    The campaign will be formally launched in January 2019.