Top Cop meets with new Road Policing Task Force, Fixin’ T&T


    The newly appointed Road Policing Task Force will not only support road safety, but help in the general enforcement of this country’s laws.

    On Friday, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith met with the newly appointed RPTF and Chairman of Fixin’ T&T Kirk Waithe.

    During this time, the Top Cop said the task force is not only expected to focus on road traffic enforcement such as DUI and speeding, but also to actively engage in intelligence-driven stop and search activities.

    The unit is under the Command of the ACP Specialized Support Services and the Senior Superintendent of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch.

    It will have multi-jurisdictional operations along all roadways and will support other TTPS Divisions and special operations.

    Since its initial commencement on December 24th 2019, the RPTF has arrested 29 persons – 26 for Driving Under the Influence, two for outstanding warrants, and one for possession of marijuana.

    It is supported by Fixin’ T&T and the T&T Advertising Association as part of the “Not On Our Roads” Public Safety Campaign.