Top Cop: Justice System giving Venezuelans “get out of jail free” cards


    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has criticized the Justice System as giving Venezuelans “get out of jail free” cards.

    In a release, he pointed to the case of 26 persons who were arrested at Los Iros Beach on March 20th, with 23 subsequently pleading guilty to two offences, including failing to report to an immigration officer for examination on entry in T&T.

    He said the 23, who were fined, will be issued Orders of Supervision and not detention orders by the Immigration Division upon completion of their 14-day quarantine.

    The Top Cop said he is concerned since the outcome seemingly sends the message that there is virtually no deterrent and no consequences of entering the country illegally.

    He believes this is also another “glaring indication” of the gap between law enforcement and the criminal justice system.