Top Cop “comments” on Santa’s 2020 travels to T&T


    To avoid any embarrassment to Santa Claus during a very different Christmas season, the Police Commissioner is hoping jolly St Nick is given “essential worker” status in T&T.

    Mr Gary Griffith took to Facebook this morning and, in a lighthearted post, noted that the Irish parliament has considered and recognized Santa as an “essential”, giving him full clearance to be free of all COVID-19 restrictions.

    The Top Cop says, hopefully, this would also be approved for Father Christmas’ delivery of gifts this year in T&T, via amendments to the Public Health Ordinance.

    Also, Mr Griffith says it is expected that Mr Claus would be exempt from the seven-day quarantine, saying, “It would be impractical for the poor guy to take over 200 COVID tests in one night upon touchdown in every country.”

    The plan to get around this is the provision of a certificate that could be shown to police, if he is pulled over.

    Speaking of being pulled over, Mr Griffith says intelligence suggests that St Nick would be using air transport powered, as usual, by reindeer – 10 of them to be exact.

    However, the commissioner notes that 10 reindeer plus Santa equals 11… a breach of the restriction of gatherings.

    The work around, according to Mr Griffith, is to leave one reindeer on the ground at the Mounted and Canine Branch until Santa is ready to move on from T&T.

    One reindeer may have to be grounded to, according to the Commissioner, avoid breaching public health regulations

    However, there was no word from the commissioner on whether this reduction in reindeer power would affect the sleigh’s capacity for gifts or speed.

    Lastly, Mr Griffith sounds a warning to St Nick – if he’s found in a “zesser party” or at a wedding in a public plan on Christmas Eve, police would be obliged to act in accordance with the law.

    Attempts to reach Mr Claus for a comment have proven futile.

    The Commissioner’s post today followed this decision by the Irish parliament.