Top Cop calls for due process in probes of police-involved shootings


    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is calling for due process to be allowed in the investigation of police involved shootings.

    This comes after a man and a woman were shot and killed by officers in Santa Cruz on Saturday night.

    In a release, the Top Cop says any shooting involving officers must and will be thoroughly investigated, by TTPS and the Police Complaints Authority.

    He also says while he fully appreciates the tension and concern whenever a civilian is allegedly killed by the Police, one cannot jump to conclusions.

    He assured however that the TTPS will not condone the abuse of power by any officer.

    Commissioner Griffith says:

    “Whilst I am a robust defender of the men and women within the service, my primary commitment is to law, order and due process. Each matter would be investigated thoroughly, and the findings would be revealed to the public”.