Tobago hotels and guest houses using lull to upgrade


    Some hotels and guest houses in Tobago have already begun to upgrade their properties and accommodations using the relief grant offered by the Government.

    Currently, due to the pandemic, the tourism sector in Tobago is at a standstill, as no international visitors can come due to the closed borders, and even locals from Trinidad are somewhat restricted from flying to the island.

    During this period, CEO of Tobago Tourism Ltd. Mr. Louis Lewis says 62 different tourism properties on the island have been approved for financial assistance, some of which have already begun the upgrade process.

    He says not only will it enhance the physical quality of accommodations post-COVID-19, it will improve Tobago’s competitiveness going forward and serves as an immediate stimulus for economic activity in the construction sector.

    Almost $15 million of the $50M Tourism Accommodation Relief Grant has been invested into Tobago’s tourism industry.