Tobago hits 56% of its vaccination target


    Tobago has hit 56% of its vaccination target.

    According to the Division of Health and Wellness, 20,000 people on the island have taken at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine.

    It adds that almost 45% of the targeted 36,000 people are fully vaccinated.

    The Division also reveals that all the COVID-19 deaths in Tobago have been people who were unvaccinated, except for one partially vaccinated person.

    The island has so far recorded 81 fatalities and 2,554 infections.

    The Division says it has been an uphill battle in Tobago to get people, parents and their children to step up for the COVID-19 vaccine.

    It says the Tobago RHA has launched an island wide community vaccination campaign, with intense education and awareness, in an effort to increase the rate of vaccination.

    Dr Ogonna Okeke, Head of the Department of Medicine Scarborough General Hospital, says: “People who have comorbidities (underlying health conditions) should take the vaccine as a matter of urgency. The vaccine is your protection from COVID-19. We know people who already have an illness are the most vulnerable and are more likely to die from COVID-19. It’s hard to watch people die, when we know the vaccine can prevent this and give people a fighting chance. This is no guess work. The research is in front of us. The COVID-19 ICU is a lonely and long suffering experience. The vast majority of the people who are dying from COVID are unvaccinated.”