Tobago Festivals Commission now legally registered


    The Tobago Festivals Commission (TFC) has a new board and is now legally registered.

    The matter was taken to court by attorney Martin George, on behalf of his client, TUCO Tobago Zone, after it was revealed that TFC was not a legal entity.

    Mr George says they made repeated calls for an audit and investigation since the entity was managing millions of tax-payers dollars annually.

    When the case was brought to court, he says TFC’s lawyers had to get an order mandating the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) to produce a letter explaining the origins and genesis of the Commission.

    Mr George says following this, the THA moved to properly register the TFC and install a new board with a new Chairman.

    In that regard, he says his client looks forward to working with the Commission for the development of the calypso art-form in Tobago.