TIWU: PTSC employees on “work-to-rule” over COVID-19 concerns


    PTSC employees are on a “work-to-rule” according to their union which demands more adequate protection against COVID-19.

    While no details have been given about the action, “work-to-rule” usually sees employees doing exactly what their contracts state, and nothing more, in a bid to slow down production.

    This action follows the downing of tools by several workers yesterday evening.

    Speaking at the PSA Headquarters this morning, Transport and Industrial Workers Union 1st Vice President, Paul Smith, says recommendations have been made to PTSC.

    These include protective screens in buses for drivers, thermal scanning for passengers, proper PPE for cleaning staff and wash sinks at all depots.

    Mr Smith claims management is being reactive rather than proactive in their response to the virus and warns that the union will not allow this to continue.