Tips to safeguard your pets during Independence Fireworks


    Persons living within the earshot of the usual sites for major Independence Fireworks are being given tips to safeguard their pets from the noise associated with it.

    The Animal Welfare Network has shared its tips on Facebook which include:
    • Please ensure that your pets are wearing their collars and tags.
    • Do not leave dogs tied in your yard as they may strangle themselves on the chains or ropes used. It is much better to put them inside the building if you can.
    • A spare bathroom or utility room would be a good place.
    • Leave a radio on in the room with them, to provide a little “white noise” and distract them from the fireworks outside.
    • Get tranquilizers from your vet, if necessary.
    • Best of all, stay home and keep an eye on them while the fireworks displays are on

    The AWN says “Don’t forget how far the sounds of the fireworks carry for animals, whose hearing is so much better than ours. Those living a few miles away from the display areas may think that their animals will not hear the fireworks.”

    Make sure you have up-to-date photos of your pets, just in case they do get lost. If this happens, you can message AWN and TTSPCA on Facebook – send an e-mail or call and leave a message.