THA establishes Roadmap to Recovery Working Group


    The THA has commissioned a team of 17 professionals to form its own Roadmap to Recovery Working Group.

    According to Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis, the group will serve for up to six months, to identify specific actions and policy measures to ensure the best chance of recovery for Tobago post COVID-19.

    A first draft of recommendations is to be submitted within the first two months of service.

    The group’s recommendations will cover Finance and the Economy; Tourism; Agriculture & Food Production; Creative Industry; Productivity, Governance and Human Resource Development; Sustainability and Innovation; and Social Development.

    The group consists of:

    Finance and the Economy:

    • Dr. Selvon Hazel, Chief Economist in the Division of Finance and the Economy
    • Ms. Knafesa George, Policy Analyst in the Division of Finance and the Economy


    • Ms. Shirley Cooke, Entrepreneur
    • Mrs. Korice Nancis, International and Tourism Development Strategist

    Agriculture & Food Production:

    • Mrs. Pathleen Titus, Technical Advisor – Division of Food Production, Forestry & Fisheries
    • Mr. Dedan Daniel, President of the Tobago Agricultural Society
    • Mr. Ricardo Alfred, Farmer

    Productivity, Governance and Human Resource Development:

    • Dr. Verleen Bobb-Lewis, Technical Advisor at the Division of Education, Innovation and Energy
    • Godwyn Richardson, Former TRHA CEO
    • Dr. Stephen Sheppard, Chairman of the working group and CEO of the Tobago Hospitality &Tourism Institute (THTI)

    Sustainability and Innovation:

    • Dr. Ryan Allard, Vice Chairman of the working group
    • Ms. Melanie Trim, Manager of the Energy Affairs Unit
    • Mr. Hassel Bacchus, Chief Technical Officer at Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago Limited (TSTT)

    Creative Industry:

    • Mr. John Arnold, Events Coordinator
    • Mr. Khalen ‘Jamoi ‘Alexander, Musician

    Social Development:

    • Dr. Crystal Benjamin, Life Coach and Couples Therapist
    • Dr. Alina Williams, Clinical Psychologist at the Scarborough General Hospital