Technical team set up to investigate NiQuan blast


    A technical team has been established by the Energy Ministry to investigate the explosion at the NiQuan GTL Plant.

    In a media release, the ministry says the team will:

    • Establish the facts of the incident
    • Conduct a thorough investigation and contributing factors to determine the root cause of the explosion
    • Review the adequacy of existing controls and procedures
    • Make recommendations which could reduce future risks and prevent recurrences and
    • Prepare a final report which would be delivered to the Minister of Energy and other key stakeholders

    The five-person team will be led by Senior Petroleum Engineer Craig Boodoo and the services of subject matter experts would be used as required.

    The Ministry, Occupational Health and Safety Authority and Agency, and the T&T Fire Service would also conduct independent investigations.

    It notes that operations at NiQuan Energy will only resume after approval from these agencies.