Tech News: Hyundai to experiment with fingerprint technology


    Vehicle manufacturer Hyundai will install its first fingerprint-based vehicle tech in the 2019 Santa Fe SUV.

    It will come with two separate fingerprint sensors – one on the door handle and one on the ignition button.

    The driver will have to get past both scanners to enter and start the vehicle.

    Hyundai’s fingerprint system is said to offer the same level of personalization as a remote.

    Things like seat position, radio favorites or temperature control could all be part of the fingerprint tech.

    The automaker says the odds of its tech misrecognizing a print are 1 in 50,000.

    Hyundai says it plans to deploy the tech in select markets at first.

    Autoweek is reporting that China will be this tech’s inaugural market and if it proves useful, it could show up in a wide variety of future vehicles.