TATT: full broadband services to be restored today


    The Telecommunications Authority of T&T says it has received confirmation that full broadband services will be restored today.

    In a release it says the issue is due to a disruption to the international cable link via Curaçao, and is affecting service providers in Trinidad and Tobago and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

    TATT says the source of the disruption has been identified and work to restore connectivity is ongoing.

    Until such time, subscribers may experience slow browsing and data speeds for Internet access and mobile data where the content resides outside of T&T.

    It also advises that a media notice being circulated with TATT’s logo on an internet outage is old news from 2015 and should be disregarded.

    The release stated that the outage was due to activity at the Kick Em Jenny Volcano.

    Since then, the UWI Seismic Centre has also responded, saying there has been no unusual activity detected at the volcano, which means it is unlikely to be linked to the interruption.