Talks held at US Embassy to help Cultural Workers get work visas

    Minister Randall Mitchell (right) with T&T Promoters Association President Jerome "Rome" Precilla (left), Senior Technical Advisor at the Ministry Carla Cupid and representative of Chutney artistes Vishma Ramcharita

    The US Embassy in T&T has promised to review the issues faced by local cultural workers who need to apply for temporary work permits to perform abroad.

    Currently, that process is a stumbling block for the artistes, as the Embassy in Port of Spain has been closed due to the pandemic, which effectively ceased in-person interviews.

    On Wednesday, the Minister of Tourism Culture and the Arts as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and representatives of the T&T Promoters Association met with the Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy Shante Moore to discuss the matter.

    Their aim was to t for local cultural workers, related to the promotion of T&T’s culture in the United States, which will also allow them to earn income.

    The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts noted that Mr. Moore underscored his Government’s support for Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural sector and gave the undertaking that issues raised will be reviewed by the Consular Section of the US Embassy.

    The meeting follows recent moves by the Ministry to facilitate the ease of vaccinations and return travel exemptions for local cultural workers who wish to travel abroad to participate in festivals and events.

    Representing Chutney and Chutney Soca artistes at Wednesday’s meeting was Ms. Vishma Ramcharita, while President of the T&T Promoters’ Association Jerome “Rome” Precilla was also present.