Suspect held after attempted robbery in Arouca


    One man is now in custody after attempting to rob a shop in Arouca.

    Around midday yesterday, the suspect entered the business pretending to be a customer, but soon whipped out a firearm and announced a hold-up.

    While relieving the employees of their items, the gunman struck one worker with the gun, wounding him over his right eye.

    He stole three cell phones, two iPads, a bag and a quantity of cash and escaped by smashing the front door.

    He was however detained a short while later along Hindustan Trace, after being chased by Inspector Carr who happened to be outside the establishment at the time of the incident.

    While interviewing the suspect, police also discovered that he attempted to hide the firearm used in the robbery between the left rear passenger seat and the inner left rear fender upholstery of the Police Vehicle.