Supermarkets and extended opening hours


    Although supermarkets and groceries will be allowed to open for 24 hours during the Christmas period, they will not necessarily do so.

    On Saturday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced that between December 10th 2020 and January 3rd 2021, these businesses will be allowed to open all day, in order to mitigate the expected rush of consumers.

    The Supermarket Association says, as they have done previously, each business will publish their respective hours of operation, as well as the dates on which those changes take effect, to advise of amended opening and closing times.

    It also welcomes the move, which it says will assist with physical distancing at a key shopping period in the year.

    It is also urging persons to plan their shopping to finish as early as possible, and also to adhere to proper hand-washing, the wearing of suitable masks and social distancing while in-store.