Sunday Morning Local News Brief


    A poll by the Sunday Express has revealed an approval rating of 50 percent for the Prime Minister, four years into the PNM’s term in Government.

    According to the report, published today, it says only 38 per cent of survey respondents disapprove of the job that Dr Rowley is doing as Prime Minister.

    However, the same persons polled on issues such as crime, the economy, corruption and the state of national infrastructure—was described by an overwhelming majority as either a “major problem” or in a state of “crisis”.


    Attorney Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj has called on the Government to take steps to have the Law Commission examine the Sedition laws, statements and the decisions of the courts, as well as to seek advice on whether the existing law should be repealed, reformed or amended.

    Speaking on Saturday, he said if an artiste, calypsonian, chutney singer or poet composes something that is critical of the government, then under this law, they can say it promotes hatred, discontent, disaffection and they can say sedition was committed.


    100 defence force officers are leaving Trinidad this morning to help in relief efforts in the Bahamas, following the hurricane devastation.

    Meanwhile, the ODPM is calling on citizens to continue the national drive to assist the People of the Bahamas by donating through the relevant channels.


    A 33 year old woman and her 10 year old nephew were killed in a road accident along the Manzanilla stretch yesterday morning.

    The car carrying the family from Sangre Grande crashed into a truck, also injuring the boy 34 year old mother, and the woman’s two step children, ages four and five.


    The EMA has advised the Government to ban noisy fireworks and utilize noiseless ones, in a recommendation sent since June this year.

    The draft Cabinet note made three recommendations including setting a maximum decibel level for commercial fireworks.

    This topic has been raised recently following the death of a kangaroo and birds at the Zoo, blamed on the Independence night fireworks.


    Three female educators are vying for the top post at the T&T Unified Teachers’ Association, when elections come up in October.

    It means TTUTA will have a female president of the first time in his forty year history.


    A man who was well known to police was shot to death not far away from the Freeport Police Station last night.

    42 year old Hardath Solomon had just visited the station when the gunmen opened fire around 7pm.