SRP shoots bandit who broke into his home


    A SRP officer is alleged to have shot one of four suspects who broke into his San Fernando home on Saturday night.

    Around 10:30, the men, one armed with a gun and another a knife, entered the living room and announced a hold up.

    They demanded that all four occupants of the home lie on the floor and proceeded to rob the victims of cell phones, jewellery, and a laptop.

    The officer was then taken to a bedroom where the suspects demanded that he open a safe.

    He was unable to do so which angered the suspect who then proceeded toward the family of the officer who were in the living room.

    Fearful for his family’s safety, the officer was able to retrieve his personal firearm from the bedroom and fired in the direction of the suspects.

    One suspect was injured, and is reported to now be in critical condition, while the three others escaped on foot.