Sittings for CoE into divers’ deaths underway


    There are likely to be further delays for the Commission of Enquiry established to investigate the incident leading to the deaths of four divers in February this year.

    So says Commission Chairman, Jerome Lynch QC, who says some involved have not yet submitted witness statements.

    These include Paria Fuel Trading.

    Mr Lynch spoke today during the first procedural hearing.

    The start of the CoE has already been delayed by a lack of resources, an issue that Mr Lynch says has been addressed.

    And, despite the additional delays expected, the Chairman says he intends to have at least a draft report ready by Easter 2023.

    The hearing proceeded with a presentation by the Commission’s Counsel, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC.

    It included harrowing footage and audio showing the moments just before and just after the men were sucked into the pipeline.

    The video and audio were obtained from a work camera that Kazim Ali Jr was wearing at the time of the incident.

    Before the footage was played, persons viewing the proceedings, both in person and online, were cautioned as to its distressing content.

    Sittings will continue tomorrow – according to the Commission’s schedule, Christopher Boodram is the witness intended to be called to give oral evidence.

    Mr Boodram is the sole survivor of the incident.

    Fyzal Kurban, Kazim Ali Jr, Rishi Nagassar and Yusuf Henry died after being sucked into the pipeline while conducting maintenance work.