Sir David Attenborough reaches 1M Instagram followers… faster than anyone else

    (Photo credit: Danny Martindale)

    British broadcast veteran Sir David Attenborough has gone from zero Instagram followers to one million faster than Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

    Sir Attenborough, known for programs like The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, reached the milestone just four hours, 44 minutes after joining the platform yesterday.

    At the age of 94, he improved on Aniston’s time of five hours, 16 minutes which she set in October 2019.

    In his first post to Instagram, Sir Attenborough noted that saving the planet is now a communications issue.

    The naturalist is a pioneer in his field and has had several species of animals – living and extinct –named after him over the years.

    Among the most recent is the Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard which was named in honour of him in 2018.

    He has also won two Emmy awards for his narration in Blue Planet II (2018) and Our Planet (2019).