Several arrested, charged with trafficking in marijuana


    Four men were arrested as police seized narcotics and cash in Couva yesterday.

    Surveillance was conducted on the house along Flamingo Avenue, during which several persons were observed conducting transactions.

    A search warrant was executed and officers seized a quantity of plant-like material resembling cannabis, along with $5,017 in cash.

    The four suspects were arrested for trafficking in marijuana.

    Meanwhile two men were held as police executed a search warrant in Union Village, Chaguanas, where they found plant-like material resembling cannabis, along with TT$9,410 and US$10.

    One of the suspects was held for trafficking in marijuana and another for possession of marijuana.

    A warrant has also been issued for the arrest of a third suspect for trafficking in marijuana.

    A total of 1.64 kilograms of marijuana was seized from both locations.