Service Providers on internet issues

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    Internet services across the country were affected this morning due to technical issues outside of T&T.

    Digicel says its preliminary investigations showed a tech issue with its international upstream internet suppliers.

    This, it says, has affected multiple internet service providers in T&T and other parts of the Caribbean.

    FLOW also acknowledged the down time, stating that its engineers were mobilized and working to restore full connectivity in the shortest possible time.

    It did not state the cause of the issue, though.

    TSTT meanwhile issued a statement a short while ago saying work to expand its subsea capacity means it has been able to maintain Internet access to its Fixed Line customers.

    It adds however that damage to the submarine fibre cables located in the Eastern Caribbean has impacted those trying to access the Internet from their mobile devices.

    This, it adds, is primarily because mobile internet customers who would customarily split their internet usage between the two mobile networks are now using their network exclusively.

    TSTT says it is working with its technical teams both in Trinidad and abroad to increase the number of transactions and concurrent sessions on the mobile network to ease the congestion.

    The Telecommunications Authority of T&T meanwhile is warning the public that an advisory being shared on social media is not new, but from 2015.

    It says an updated release will be issued later today.


    UWI St Augustine says it is awaiting further guidance from the relevant service providers on the source of the outage as well as timelines for full service restoration.

    It says there were some students sitting examinations today, and they will now be advised on further on contingencies by the Campus Registrar.

    It assures that all affected students will be afforded the opportunity to complete their exams.

    The internet issue has also forced the postponement of the First Virtual Youth Parliament which was scheduled to begin at 2:30pm today.