Search party hopeful as efforts continue to find missing fishermen

    (File photo)

    Boats have already been deployed as the search continues for two missing fishermen – Jason Baptiste and Justin Kissoon.

    They were among several men thrown into the Gulf of Paria last Monday, after their boats were stolen.

    Since then, 5 bodies have been recovered with the latest being that of Alex Sooknanan, which was found yesterday.

    President of the Carli Bay Fishing Association, Imtiaz Khan says the search party is hopeful they will find the remaining 2 men.


    Mr Khan believes this entire incident could have been avoided if the authorities had heeded calls made last year.


    The President has made certain recommendations to deal with the issue of piracy, especially in Central Trinidad.


    Mr Khan also commends the Top Cop’s recent announcement that the Police Marine Patrol Unit will be re-introduced.