Search on for 8 missing fishermen


    The search is on for eight fishermen missing at sea, after their boats were stolen and they were thrown overboard in the Gulf of Paria.

    Fishermen and Friends of the Sea says around midnight, the vessels were taken from Carli Bay and Orange Valley.

    One man has made it ashore alive and is being questioned by police.

    FFOS states that the TT Coast Guard has deployed a vessel to search for the missing men, and has since returned.

    The group says the stolen vessels are:

    – TFCA 1099 ‘Bula’- White with blue bottom

    – TFCA 1238 ‘Sunshine’- White with blue bottom

    – TFCA 2784 ‘Aaron’ – White with black bottom

    – TFCA 1343 – the boat was retrieved, but the engine was stolen.

    FFOS says five engines have been recovered and a suspect is in custody.