SEA to be held on June 10th 2021


    Next year’s SEA Exam will be held on Thursday June 10th 2021.

    Confirmation of this comes this evening from the Education Ministry, which says it will be administered in the subject areas of English Language Arts Writing, Mathematics and English Language Arts.

    There have however been changes to the number of items in the Mathematics and English Language Arts Papers.

    Despite the changes, the time for administration remains at 75 minutes.

    The adjustments to the written papers are as follows:

    Mathematics – The number of items has been reduced from 45 to 40.  

    English Language Arts – The number of items has been reduced from 43 to 36.  

    English Language Arts Writing – Narrative Writing will be assessed for 2021 ONLY.  

    There has also been a reduction in the number of objectives being assessed for the Mathematics Paper.