SEA Exam confirmed for June 10th


    The 2021 SEA Exam will take place on June 10th.

    Confirmation of this comes today from the Education Ministry which says it arrived at this decision after consultation with key stakeholders, including TTUTA, principals, teachers, parents and students.

    It admits the prevailing view is that students would benefit from a few weeks of face to face preparation before the exam, and that consideration was given to postponement to possibly facilitate this.

    It adds however that there is no certainty of that becoming a reality, even if the exam was to be postponed.

    The Ministry says it is also mindful of the lessons learned from the conduct and administration of the SEA in 2020, where the best efforts to provide face to face preparation for students were aborted due to the continued spread of COVID-19.

    Results from the SEA are expected to be released mid-August to facilitate placement into secondary schools for the start of the September term.